The glasses i wear everyday have either a lens of art or comedy and sarcasm just to have a better view of this lousy worldAyebare Clare

Clare Kyomugisha  was born on the 1st.July.1984 in Masha village, Isingiro District – Uganda and married to Mr. Ayebare Boniface in year 2009 and since then named Ayebare Clare .

Born again Christian,with two wonderful children- Ayebare Chantal of 10 (ten) years and Ayebare Don Martial of 5 (five) years.

She  has a special calling of helping the poor, needy, hopeless, devastated people by giving them relief materials, preaching the golden rule of “LOVE” encouraging people to love God,love themselves and their neighbors’ and with this, helping another becomes easy and enjoyable.

She has a Bachelors Degree of Commerce –Marketing option from Makerere University and several online certifications in Promotions, Advertising, Sales, Public Relations and Entrepreneurship and this makes her a Professional though her career is more of passion, talent, gifting and personal choice.

She incorporated; THE EAST AFRICAN MARKETING CONSULTS in 2007 and THE EAST AFRICAN DIRECTORY in 2009- under this company, she has signed over a million agency companies, modeled promotions, drawn marketing plans and strategies among other services.



Clare Kyomugisha born to Mr. Barugahare Boniface and Mrs Mary Nturwa Barugahare- in a family of 9 children – 4 girls and 5 boys, she is the 6th born and last girl- loved and treasured by family and friends.


  1.  St. Helen’s Primary  School – Nyamitanga Parish- Mbarara District
  2. Immaculate Heart –Nyakibale  Parish- Rukungiri District
  3. Aisha Girls High School-Isingiro District
  4. Makerere University –Kampala.

“My childhood was so exciting and extremely full of adventure with my first friends- Nkore Resty and Busingye Justine, we had all the fun and laughter to share irrespective of our tough parents. We were later joined by Kaitetsi Angel, Felix Basude,Kyomugisha Cathy, Nibarungi Carol to mention but a few- with these, i laughed more than i cried. As years went by, my group of friends increased to Mushabe Sarah, Murungi Martha and the fun continued and today, my list of friends is so endless and my fun time increases by the day.” Ayebare Clare narrates.



To the dead end 5 times and bounced back –that’s what It means to dare” Ayebare Clare

Her business life is that of a resilient woman , five big business falls- closed shop and bounced back in the same line of MARKETING.

Today, her business portfolio includes over one million companies; The launch of DFCU bank in Mbarara, Centenary Bank , partnership with Ayebazibwe- Makorogo & Co Advocates, Peers consult, A-Z tour Directory Kenya , Tembo house Hotel Zanzibar, Cancer fight Uganda among so many companies that cannot be listed and still moving forward.

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